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Dr. Cook's Story

Sometimes you meet a person whose story just humbles you. You hear them speak with such determination about their vision for change, and in that instant, you are starkly aware of previously invisible things that have been right in front of you. I know such a man. 

I’m talking about Dr. Carroll Cooks, who has put together a non-profit organization in Sacramento called No Youth Left Behind (NYLB). Carroll’s vision is that the at-risk youth of America will grow up being able to read, support themselves, and have a life. He recognizes the barriers they face. He believes those barriers can be removed. To that end, he has literally worked day and night for nearly seven years to build NYLB. The program is a saving grace for at-risk youth, many of whom will be tutored and mentored by its college student members. 

From just a few college student volunteers, NYLB has grown into a burgeoning organization, an incredible program with the endorsement of a thousand Sacramento-area college students and area professionals. The program presents a continual push for the National Youth Awareness Campaign, which is the central theme of NYLB. Part of the Campaign is the introduction of the National Youth Awareness decal.

The Campaign’s motto, “One dollar at a time, one youth at a time, one community at a time,” and the National Youth Awareness decal is designed to fund-raise and support the existence of not only NYLB, but other non-profit organizations. This is critical in an economy where youth programs and organizations lose funding.

NYLB is on the brink of breaking down some serious barriers that exist for our youth. Carroll does not intend that the program be limited to Sacramento. The Campaign motto says, “one community at a time,” and that is just the beginning. The vision extends to the rest of the state, the United States, and the world.

If you would like to interview Dr. Carroll Cooks, I encourage you to call him at 916-919-7460. It will be time well spent. 

Our Results

Since Dr. Cooks founded No Youth Left Behind Foundation of America in 2008, our non-profit has served youth of all ages


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1 Dollar at a time, 1 Youth at a time, 1 Community at a time