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We believe every youth should have access to quality education. 

Our program focuses on the common goal of education for all.

Your online donations allow us to sponsor a youth, save a youth


To establish NYLB clubs on all college campuses throughout America. Requesting college students in their related fields of studies(majors assist in the overall development of “at-risk” youth.

In addition college students will be mentoring, engaging education and workforce development life skills so that no youth is left behind.

Bliss Youth Programs, established in 2004, formed the No Youth Left Behind Foundation in (2007) and later established the NoYouth Left Behind Club (2007).

  1. Initially the at-risk and underserved Sacrament diverse youth (k-8) with head start and early childhood development mentoring techniques and strategies
  2. Sacramento high school dropouts
  3. Sacramento high school youth that don’t pass the exit exam
  1. Distribution projection outcomes from the delivery of 65,000 NYLB Brochures throughout the Los Rios campuses, recruiting 1000 students(approximately 300 students from each campuses).
  2. To host the NYLBC Leadership Conference?orientation with all Los Rios Community College students
  3. The Sticker campaign will be a continuous national campaign push to help fund non-profit programs that provide youth development program services such as; mentoring, tutoring, counseling, life/jobs skills, employment services, substance abuse assistance, foster care, shelter, mental/physical health wellness, teen pregnancy assistance and help for the developmentally disabled and handicapped youth.
  • Statistics show that youth recidivism and crime is an an all time high
  • Sacramento high school drop outs and foster care is an an enormous rate
  • Student suicide rate and killing is an an all time high
  • Statistics show that college students have a burning desire to see change in the lives of “at-risk” youth, because many of them were “at-risk”. College youth are interpreters and translators for all youth because the are near”at-risk” youth issues.
  • College students know they cannot do this alone, they know that collaborative efforts are needed from the Sacramento community:
  1. The Governor’s office
  2. CA Department of Education
  3. The CA Correctional Department
  4. Legislators
  5. Community and Faith-based organizations
  6. Community Leaders

A Collaborative effort helps the community hear the voices of the “at-risk” youth. If one “at-risk” youth’s voice is heard, the collaborative effort can change the community, and pass it forward changing a city.

If a second “ask-risk” youth’s voice is heard, it can change a state. If a third “at-risk”youth’s voice is heard, it can change a nation which eventually changes a world.

Letters of support:

  1. EDD
  2. Department of Corrections
  3. California Black Chamber of Commerce
  4. American Unique Staff Provider Collaborative
  5. The Jason Chris Foundation INc.

There are no similar projects in Sacramento. Local educators think this NYLB Club is a unique educational, workforce development model that is spreading like a malignancy concept throughout Sacramento, soon to reach the nation.

How will the project be monitored and the results evaluated?

The Senior Advisory Board, Business, Education and Marketing Student majors will monitor the progress of the club’s concept with monthly reports to the college internship counselors, college personnel, high school principals, school advisory teams and guidance teachers.

  • NYLBF’s community leaders’ representatives will sit on the Senior Advisory Board Team, which in turn assist the NYLB Club student/members with completion of the NYLBC Internship Program.  This Senior Advisory Team will provide job shadowing opportunities in the NYLBC student’s related field of study such as: Finance, Accounting, Business, Human Services, Communications, etc.
  • Each college student will be interviewed and complete an evaluation.  During the second phase NYLBC college student that mentors a student will have a background check and photo taken.  Each student will be responsible for their own transportation and complete the emergency and personal contact information for the NYLBC files.
  • During the second phase, students will be tracked for the first two months in their job shadowing position at the NYLB Foundation, bi-weekly, which will be knowing as a NYLBF probationary period.  This also lets the student know that in real jobs there are probationary periods that they must comply with to keep their jobs.  After the probationary period, students will be monitored on a monthly basis.  each student will present reports to the Senior Advisory Board Members in their prospective field of study.  If the probationary period is not satisfactory, the student will not be dismissed unless the NYLBC Code of Conduct is not adhered or followed.
  • Students will keep their own employee file of accomplishments and constructive criticisms.  Each student will be responsible for getting their own letters of recommendation and updating their resumes in their files.  This concept lets them know when they are employed, files will be kept on them for evaluation and promotion purposes.
  • After the year of Internship and Board Member experience, each student will prepare a paper on their ideas and experiences that have surfaced over the past year.  Students will write about what made a difference in their experience with NYLBC.

Your online donations allow us to sponsor a youth, save a youth

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